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Never Give Up...Our True Love Story

Some of you know how Dianna and I met and others don’t. I want to share it with you in this month of Valentine's, as a story of inspiration and hope. It was the end of March 2020 and COVID was the Big News. The world was in Lockdown. To support the Mount Shasta community, I immediately reached out via my local email list group and offered local residents free healing sessions via Zoom. This was also a good way for me to connect with people. About 25 people responded many of whom I hadn’t met previously, and I set up healings for the following month. I lived alone in a big retreat house (in Weed) near Mount Shasta, and snowflakes were filling the air outside. I had canceled upcoming retreats for at least the next two months. I remember sitting on the couch in the family room and thinking, “What the hell am I going to do?” My dog Rosie had died just 4 months before and I was feeling terribly alone. The forecast for this ‘pandemic situation’ wasn’t looking good. Immediately, my Spirit Guide – Amantane (you can read about him in my book) said: “Here are two choices. You can go to India to live in an Ashram for a year, or you can go to Brazil and learn the shamanic ways of the Huni Kuin tribe with Bire. (Bire was my shaman friend from this tribe). This time is for you to deepen your spiritual and shamanic practice”. Amantane continued; “But first. Go to the pyramid and call in your Beloved!”


That sounded odd, but he has guided me to do odder things in the past, so I headed to the living room and sat under my copper meditation pyramid and closed my eyes. OK, I thought, I better open my heart and attract my Beloved to me (prior to this, I hadn’t even contemplated a Beloved). At which point Amanatane said, “NO, do this!” And he took my etheric arms and pulled them away from my body to instruct me to go out and find her. I could see my hands and arms stretching out into the infinite, and very quickly my hands closed around someone, and I pulled her towards me. I then put my hands on my heart. “You will find her within a month,” my guide exclaimed. Holy Crap, I thought - I was really going to do it. I knew immediately that this was the truth and I excitedly got up and made a cup of tea. Being British, this is a typical ritual to mark many an auspicious event. This all happened within a 5-minute period from me sitting on the couch, wondering what the heck was in store for me. A week later, I had a Zoom healing session with a woman named Dianna as part of the free healing sessions I had offered. I had never met her before. She seemed nice and friendly and was more confident than most of the previous people I had seen that week on Zoom. She even seemed a bit flirty. Being the consummate professional, I kept it professional, but there was no doubt she was very likable. After exchanging a few pleasantries, I asked her, “How can I help you?” She responded. “I’ve done a lot of inner work already, including being celibate for the last 12 years, but I am now ready to call in MY BELOVED.” Ding! Ding! Ding! Apparently, I giggled - which she thought was a bit odd! 

With those words, a flash of energy hit me, filled with information about our lives together. I saw how we had been connected in the past, but more so, I saw that we were equals, partners, almost like the same person. It happened in a flash, but information from lifetimes was transmitted to me. I said nothing and continued the session as though nothing had happened. At the end, we said polite goodbyes. Meanwhile, inside, I was jumping up and down with excitement. I ran to the deck and shouted out to my cook, Robin, who was doing some gardening (as there were no guests to cook for). "Robin", I exclaimed, "I've found my Beloved.” She smiled and said, “That’s nice,” and carried on raking the leaves. I knew I would reach out to Dianna, but to avoid being creepy, I knew I had to give it some spaciousness. Meanwhile, Dianna had ended the Zoom call thinking, “Is he my Beloved?” Dianna contacted me a couple of days later to offer me a meal in gratitude for the session. As no restaurants were open, I suggested we go for a walk instead. It was 3 dates/nondates later that we were sitting in her car after a picnic lunch at the lake, and we had what we call our ‘Transcendental Kiss’ - where we were both flying through time and space to other dimensions of reality. This was a new experience for both of us.


Dianna looked at me and asked, “Are you, MY BELOVED? That’s when I finally revealed my little secret. During Dianna’s first visit to my house, we were sitting on the same couch where I was told two weeks earlier to go to the pyramid and call in your Beloved. My mouth seemed to spontaneously open and close and the words “I want you to be my wife” came out in my voice (it sounded like my voice at least). Her mouth opened and closed, and the words “Yes, and I will take your name” came out of her mouth. She thought similarly: that sounded like my voice, and was equally surprised. We know now that we were both nudged along by guiding forces to make sure we didn’t mess it up and we semi-joke that we had an arranged marriage – arranged by spirit. 

The rest is history ….. We married 6 months later on my deceased father's birthday--October 4th, 2020.


Here we are now, living in Ecuador and creating a divinely guided healing and retreat center in the beautiful Sacred Valley in equal and collaborative partnership. As an afterword to our story, I was supposed to be landing in Peru the day that I met Dianna for the first time on the Zoom call. Because of the lockdown, I could not go, and for this reason I set up the free sessions. We may never have met if it had not been for the COVID ‘pandemic’. We have that event to partially thank for our connection. There were so many other positive things that came out of that chaotic and fear-filled time for so many—working remotely saved hours a week in traveling to and from work. Online singing music ensembles with strangers across the globe, many support groups, books and artwork that may never have been produced. More time with children and pets, etc. What amazes me about humans is our adaptability and creativity. No matter what is going on, our human spirit elevates  us to surmount the difficulties, and in many ways, become better and higher versions of ourselves. Blessed Be.  Never Give Up!!  

Footnote: I was 63 and Dianna was 58 when we met.

Dianna's 62nd birthday on February 18th, 2024

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